Residential Quarter

The residential quarter will be erected in the North-Eastern part of the «SAMARA-CENTER» section, at the crossroad of Michurina street and Lunacharskogo street. The total area of residential blocks will make up around 500 000 sq.m. The accommodation rate is «comfort» and «business». The «street-retail» objects are envisaged at ground floors of all residential buildings.

Shopping & Entertainment Center

Along the city’s major traffic road, Moskovskoye highway, there will be the super-regional shopping & entertainment center (SEC). The SEC will include retail galleries, restaurants, cafes and various entertainment sites.


The comfortable 3-4*-rate hotel will be erected near the recreation zone of «SAMARA-CENTER» section, not far from the crossroad of Moskovskoye highway and Kiyevskaya street. The anticipated number of rooms in the hotel is 200. A conference-hall is envisaged in the hotel for holding high-level congresses and forums.

Office & Business Zone and Social Zone

An educational complex for children is envisaged in the quarter as part of «SAMARA-CENTER» project.

Since 2009 the «Art-Center» exhibition floor is functioning on the territory of would-be «SAMARA-CENTER» section, which has become a significant place of contemporary cultural life in Samara.

In 2011 the «Multifunctional Public Center for Providing State (Municipal) Services» (MFC) was launched on the territory of would-be «SAMARA-CENTER» section. As part of the project it is anticipated that the function currently carried out by MFC is to be preserved and developed in the social and business zones.

Traffic Infrastructure

The «SAMARA-CENTER» section will be provided with underground, aboveground and structured parking lots. Total number of parking spaces will make up 6000. The traffic situation around the section will be significantly improved after opening Lunacharskogo street in 2014-2015 and making up a modern junction at the crossroad of Moskovskoye highway, Gagarina street and Lunacharskogo street, planned to be done by the Administration of Samara Urban District.

Overall development of territories

The optimum proportion of accommodation types and reasonable arrangement of buildings within the section will be most comfortable for both the residents and the visitors of the new quarter. The project developers paid specific attention to creating the secure and human-friendly media and conditions for recreation and business activity.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» project anticipates overall development of the territory with phase-by-phase launching of objects.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» project is represented on the web-site of Administration of Samara Urban District .